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Books from Armenia presents books, maps, periodicals etc., printed in the Republic of Armenia recently. We offer publications  in different languages besides Armenian, including Russian, English, French, German and some others. We also provide reviews of new Armenian publications and Armenian publishing news in general.

We present publications on:

Armenian Culture: Art, Music, Religion (The Armenian Apostolic Church), Theology, Philosophy, Literature, Folklore, Fairy-tales, Games, Cuisine;

History of Armenia (including books on Genocide);

Armenia Today: Politics, Economy, Geography, Environment, Cultural life (also from the aspect of Post-Soviet developments) and the Armenian Diaspora.

Our titles on Armenology, Linguistics, Eastern Armenian Grammar and Usage Materials, Phrasebooks and Dictionaries will help you succeed in learning the Armenian language. You can also find Maps, Guidebooks and Reference books about Armenia.

We are focusing on long-term collaboration with individuals as well as with libraries, universities, bookstores and other organizations.

Recently Published

The Epos The Brave of Sassun. Armenian Folk Epic: Select Variants
Սասնա ծռեր Էպոս (Հայ ժողովրդական վեպ, Ընտրված պատումներ),
Сасунские Удальцы, Армянский народный эпос (Избранные варианты)

ISBN 978-9939-52-051-3
1800g, Hardcover 21/30 570 p continue...

Le Genocide des Armeniens
100g Softcover 15/21 32 p continue...

Armenian ornamental script + CD Rom Հայկական զարդատառեր
The centuries have bequeathed to us thousands of ornamented manuscripts - an immense cultural heritage - various in their style, color solutions, and image forms. The Armenian masters have transformed the letters of our alphabet from mere symbolic units into miniature masterpieces of ornamental art, which vividly reflect our national, cultural, and spiritual values. The more than 2500 letters presented in this book and the accompanying CD Rom have been drawn from museums, archives, and libraries across the world.
Արման Քյուրքչյան, Հրայր Բազէ Խաչերեան
Հայկական զարդատառեր + CD Rom

ISBN 978-99941-894-1-0
1900g, Hardcover,
25/29, 192p., Illustration continue...

The Church of Armenia : her history, doctrine, rule, discipline, liturgy, literature, and existing condition
English translation by G. Marcar Gregory 1912,
Ankyunacar Press - 2011
ISBN 978-9941-876-4-5
Hardcover, 14/21, 500g, 216p. continue...

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