Bishop Karapet Ter-Mkrtchyan "The Blessing of the Holy Myron"

In Armenia, Chrisitanity has been sealed and imbibed with the fragrance of the Holy Myron.

Church Fathers called the blessing of the Holy Myron as "sacrament of the Myron", "sacrament of oil", "sacrament of the Holy Spirit". The veneration of the Armenian nation towards the Holy Myron comes from the depths of centuries.

The Holy Myron as an important element of the distribution of the Holy Spirit's graces and of the Armenian identity at the same time has a great role in the life of the Armenian nation. It is appropriate to quote Catholicos Vasken I: " We believe that in every drop of this blessed Myron there is a ray of light of the divine glory, because every time the old Myron is mixed with the new one. Every newly blessed Myron includes a part of the Myron blessed by St. Gregory the Illuminator".

Nowadays, there are numerous works and studies of different volumes about the canons of making and blessing the Holy Myron, however, there were not many at the beginning of the 20th century. 

In this regard, "Blessing of the Holy Myron" by bishop Karapet Ter-Mekerthchian published at the beginning of the 20th century was the most comprehensive study.

The text of the book is in three languages: Armenian, English, Russian. Contains many color photographs.

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