Garegin Sarkissian "Council of Chalcedon and the Armenian Church"

Those who know the website, may be aware that one of the richest categories is the one presenting Armenian Philosophy and Theology. One of the latest arrivals to this category is this: Garegin Sarkissian "Council of Chalcedon and the Armenian Church".

It is in Russian, translated from English by E. Karchagin. The author of the book is the Catholicos Gareign I of the blessed memory. This work has been written in 1950-60-s, as the dissertation in the department of literature of Oxford University. The work was published in 1964 in English. The author has not made any changes, he only added appendices in the last chapter.

The topic discussed is the Council of Chalcedon in 451 and the relations of the Armenian Church with other Churches in the following period. This topic was discussed many times between believers of the Armenian Church and those adhering the Chalcedon Council. "But the book of Garegin I differs from all these investigations in one important circumstance: here the political, ecclesiastical and dogmatic situation before and after Chalcedon is considered critically on the basis of all available sources. One can say that this characteristic line became one of the main principles of study of Christology of the Armenian Church in the book of Garegin I" we read in the foreword.

Underlining the theological and historiographic importance of this book, we can say that there are few such books in English and Russian. Therefore, we think that this publication, carried out by the publishing department of the Holy See of Echmiadzin, may interest Armenians who speak in Russian, as well as others who speak in Russian and are interested in religious, ecclesiastical and theological issues concerning the Armenian Church.

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