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St. Augustine's "Confessions" in Armenian

The first book that we would like to present to your attention in 2016 is St. Augustine's "Confessions". 

Ankyunacar Publishing 2008, Yerevan, 480 pp. ISBN 99941-800-1-1.

One of the Medieval encyclopedists, the saint of the Cathlic Church Isidorus of Seville (6-7 cc.), who by the way is known as the saint patron of Internet and day of his day, 4th of April, is commemorated as the international day of the Internet, speaking about Christian fathers of first centuries and their heritage, says: "Augustine stands above all by thought and knowledge, since no one can not only write as much, but also read as much as he wrote", and then "whoever will say that he have read all works of Augustine, should be considered as a liar".

This may seem a little exaggerated but is not far from the truth: Augustine has authored 93 works, amounting 232 books, by his name there are 500 letters and sermons. Aurelius Augustine or Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is from Carthage, and lived most of his life in the towns Tagaste and Hippo of Roman Africa (now in Algire). From his religious-philosophical works most famous are "Confessions" (Confessiones), "On the City of God" (De Civitate Dei), "On the Trinity" (De Trinitate), "On the Free Will" (De libero arbitrio), which toghther with religious content have also high artistic qualities.

Of these works, "On the City of God" has been translated and published once in 1841 by Mekhitarist congregation of Venice, but "Confessions" has never been translated into Armenian. Ankyunacar Publishing conducted this labourous work and the first edition of "Confessions" published in 2002. (translation from Latin with coparison of English translation by Kh. Grigoryan). In 2008 was published the second, revised edition of this translation and now it is available for all who would like to read Augustine in Armenian language.

To acquire this book, please follow the linkhttp://http://booksfromarmenia.com/category.php?search=augustine&cur=USD

Theophana Vardanyan