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Item number: 100991
Title: St. GRIGOR TATEVATSI (13-14-th cent.) Commentary on the Books of Solomon
Author: St. GRIGOR TATEVATSI (Gregeory of Tatev)
Language: English
Publication date: 2012
Publisher: Ankyunacar Publishing Անկյունաքար հրատարակչություն Издательство Анкюнакар

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Commentary on the Books of Solomon
Translated into English by Khachik Grigoryan.
ISBN: 978-9939-850-00-9
500 g
210 p

This book contains commentaries on Solomon's books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Wisdom and Song of Songs by St. Tatevatsi (1346-1409). In this selection of the great theologian, philosopher, pedagogue and ecclesiastical figure important theologocal, ethical issues are considered, which are presented in the from of questions and answers. These works are among the best in the Armenian commentary literature.
Translated by Khachik Grigoryan. 
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