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Title: Charles Dowsett « Decoding the mysteries of medieval Armenia »
Author: Charles Dowsett
Language: English
Publication date: 2022
Publisher: Ankyunacar Publishing

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Compiled, with preface and introduction by Dr. Vrej Nersessian

ISBN 978-9939-850-54-2
17/24 cm
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603 + 10 p.

Charles Dowsett
Decoding the mysteries of medieval Armenia

The thirty studies collected in this volume belong to Charles James Frank Dowsett (1924-1998), the First Calouste Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies in Oxford from 1964 to 1991.The articles cover a period from 1951 to his retirement in 1990, explore and elaborate topics of Armenian history, literary sources, classical, patristic, medieval and early modern, his lifelong contribution to Armenia’s heritage. The most fascinating aspect of the studies are the titles and the manner in which the content of the studies expand in unpredictable direction thanks to his prodigious range of learning.


The Name and the Rôle of ΣΑΡΑΒΛΑΓΓΑΣ or Šahraplakan.
A Neglected Passage in the History of the Caucasian Albanians.
The Albanian Chronicle of Mxit‘ar Goš.
Step’anos I, Patriarch of Constantinople and his Accusers.
Armenian Historiography.
Atlas Sovetskoy Sotsialisticheskoy Respubliki.
Ancient Armenian Roller-Skates?
A Twelfth-century Armenian Inscription at Edessa.
The Newly Discovered Fragment of Lazar of Pʽarp’s History.
Elegy in Memory of Haïg Barbarian.
Movsēs Erzingac‘i’s «Advice on Confession».2
Armenian (The genre of erotic poetry in Medieval Armenian literature).
On Eznik’s refutation of Chaldæan Astrologers.
Little Satana’s Wedding Breakfast.
A Song by Sayat’-Nova.
A Swan-Song by Sayat‘-Nova.
“The Madman Has Come Back Again”.
A Metrical Experiment.
A Lamentation of Ostriches?
Armenian Tēr, Tikin, Tiezerk‘ .
Armenian Niwt‘, Niwt‘em, Hiwt‘, Hiwt‘em.
Cause, and Some Linguistically Allied Concepts, in Armenian.
Some Reflections on Nerkʻ, etc.
Who Sift Sea-Shells by the Sea-Shore?
Some Gypsy-Armenian Correspondences.
A Ghost Goes West.
Slightly More on Gypsy Witchcraft.
An Illuminated Armenian Menologium (A.D. 1652).
An Armenian Gold Pyx (Kayseri, A. D. 1687).
The Awag Vankʽ Armenian Gospels, A.D. 1200.
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